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Top 10 Mucus Forming Foods

Top 10 Mucus Forming Foods

It is true that mucus can carry out some crucial functions in your system. However, it is equally important that you ensure your body doesn’t contain too much of it. This is because there are some abnormal conditions you can suffer when such happens.


Do you know that one of the factors responsible for excess mucus in your system is the foods you consume? This post will be revealing some of such foods today. The more you eat them, that is how your chances of suffering from excessive mucus will be very high.


Red meat

This is one of the major factors which can bring about production of mucus in excess amount. Although protein is effective when it comes to metabolism and muscle building, it can prove to be very dangerous especially when there is too much of it in red meat. This will lead to mucus building up in your throat.



Eggs have been discovered to cause an increase in histamine levels. When this happens, your body will start producing excess amount of mucus which will prove dangerous.



Bread is produced using wheat. Most of the time, such materials contain gluten which can trigger the production of excess mucus. If your system can’t tolerate gluten, you are likely to experience the side effects of mucus.



Studies have shown that starchy foods can lead to mucus in your body. Potatoes contain about 70%-80% which is quite high. This has made it to be listed as one of the foods that can lead to such problem. Its consumption should be minimal.




This is another food that can cause mucus to form. Studies have revealed that cheese usually contain casein molecules. This can result in the production of phlegm. Other foods that you must note which fall into this category are yoghurt, butter and cream.



Corn may be gluten-free. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t lead to the formation of too much mucus. This is because it contains very high amount of starch. As a matter of fact, corn seems to have the highest starch as compared to other foods.



This is also another major cause that most people don’t know. As a matter of fact, coffee can bring about thick mucus forming in your body. Clearing this from your lungs is much harder. Patients suffering from this form of mucus usually struggle to breathe.



Just like other starchy foods mentioned above, rice can make your body produce too much mucus. This is why experts usually recommend that when you are not feeling fine, it shouldn’t be consumed. At such point, your histamine levels can be increased.   


Soy products

These are great but when you consume too much of them, your body is likely to suffer the negative effects of mucus. This happens when you are not feeling too well. Some examples of foods that fall into this category are soymilk, edamame, and meat alternatives like hot dog, bacon, sausage, and burger.



Pasta also contains high amount of gluten. Try as much as possible to consume minimal amount of this. 


Based on the above list, you can see that mucus can be caused by many foods you consume on daily basis. It is worthy of note to point out that there are also foods that can do the opposite.



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