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New Sea Moss Face Mask

New Sea Moss Face Mask

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Bring The Glow that You Have Been Missing

Looking for a natural solution to manage acne, combat eczema, or give your skin a radiant, compliment-sparking glow? Our Sea Moss Face Mask helps to keep bacteria from spreading. Add this to your face regimen to keep your skin glowing and healthy! It helps treat and prevent acne by removing toxins and excess oils. It also includes skin-soothing ingredients to help heal skin and diminish acne scars.

Give your skin a detox with this Sea Moss Face Mask. It contains powerful all-natural ingredients to help brighten skin, reduce acne, minimize pores, and even skin tone. Its antioxidizing ingredients also help protect the skin and prevent premature signs of aging. After just one use, your skin will appear brighter and tighter with a silky smooth feel.

This Sea Moss Face Mask helps to enhance the glow of your skin naturally. It's packed with rich ingredients that help reduce wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and protect your skin from environmental elements.

Key Benefits:

✅ Detoxes and balances skin
✅ Reduces acne
✅ Helps with wrinkles and fine lines
✅ Soothes eczema
✅ Stops acne from forming.
✅ Lightens dark circles under eyes
✅ Helps with psoriasis, sunburn, rash, etc

Ingredients: Sea Moss, Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, Honey

Directions: Mix one part clay to one part water. Using a non-metal spoon and bowl, stir the mixture to a smooth paste and apply to the face with a makeup brush.  Let dry for 10-15 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Use 1-2x per week.

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